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The show —which traditionally airs on weekends— appears to include live callers, since the announcers mention the phone number and then immediately say something like: “We have Sue from Wisconsin on the line”, but in reality, Sue called the week before, left a message on their voicemail, and was called back to record her question and get her answer during a pre-recorded interview session during the week.I love that stopped in 2012, the show is still being repeated on air and via on-demand podcast, and many will never realize that it is no longer in production.Certainly, there are many content producers who don’t follow these guidelines with their pre-recorded shows, either because they aren’t aware of them or because they have a specific reason to break them.** We just released a new app named Flow, it is a video speed controller, you import your videos and change it's speed as you like combining fast and slow motion.We recommend you do check it :)Lapse It brings new cool features of i OS8 and more, take a look into some of the changes:• Import pre-recorded videos from your gallery as time lapse projects to speed them up or slow them down.• Capture manual controls for exposure, ISO, focus and white balance.• Zooming support including zoom ramping over time.• More than 40 new stunning effect filters.• Play and render projects as backwards.• Easily export that stunning single image from your capture to your Photos app.• Optimised for i Phone 6 and i Phone 6 Plus.• Native support for i Pad devices. This time lapse photo capturing app is a brilliant solution to my need for step by step photos of my work as I'm building guitars.

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Traditional Guidelines For A Live TV Show One of the benefits of live TV productions is to cover events that take place at the same time as they are viewed.

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