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Pakadult stuff

We also have a number of accreditations under our belt, including being a TQUK Diamond Approved Centre, ISO 901.An IP (Ingress Protection) rating classifies the degrees of protection of an electrical item against water and dust.This replaceable Electrode Pads are reusable and are compatible with any type of manikin.They feature high-quality material and can be easily attached back to the pad liner after the...

Trainer contains a rechargeable battery with up to 7 hours use on a cha...Each Adult Pad-Pak has a four-year life, and provides 60 shocks or six hours of continuous monitoring. Designed specifically for the PAD, compact wall mount cabinet gives high visibility to the location of your AED. Waterproof, Crushproof, Dust Resistant Comes with Foam Insert for Extra Safety Rugged to Withstand Harsh Environments Fits Samaritan Series AEDs Heart Sine AED Pelican Case with Insert is designed to provide a comfortable and extra-safe transportation solution for your Samaritan or similar size Heart Sine AEDs. Heart Sine samaritan PAD Rescue Backpack is designed to readily transport a Heart Sine samaritan PAD AED, a spare adult or pediatric Pad-Pak, along with a first aid kit, a CPR prep kit, and other essential items to virtually any location.When battery power is down to ten shocks or less, the Heart Sine Samaritan PAD emits an audible beep. Includes an accessory alarm that can be installed to activate when the door is opened. The letters "AED" are displayed prominently on the backpack which will alert rescuers to the AED inside. Designed for PAD Trainer System Compatible with All Manikins Reusable Heart Sine Trainer Defibrillator Pads are designed for the use with PAD Trainer System.Heart Sine® samaritan® 450P PAD Training System with Remote Control.A non-shocking training device used to train students in the use of the Heartsine samaritan® 450P PAD AED.

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If you have any questions regarding the Heartsine Samaritan 500P with CPR Advisor defibrillator, you can always give our friendly defibshop team a call on 08. Did we also mention we are an Award Winning company?

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