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The Sitefinity Desktop App is meant for managing your website(s) from the desktop, instead of logging into the CMS in a web browser. Most updates made to a website should be done within the CMS itself. Desktop apps make handy add-ons though, for two reasons: Maybe you’re traveling where there’s no Wi-Fi.Or you’re at home, and you don’t have remote access there.

Most often our clients will use them to create a piece of content, and then share that content across several pages.I tried to use “Website Login”, but I received an error: “Unable to Connect.Please make sure you have connection to the site and the Sitefinity DAM Module is active there.” (DAM module is part of SF 6.1: ) Ah ha!After the install completed, I was prompted to login to a Sitefinity website.Since this was a test, I chose one of our client websites to which I do not have administrative access.

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