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Sexy girls in wechat

According to the Tencent report, Wechat is directly responsible for USD 232 million in spending.Wechat is a great tool for spreading the word about your business through high-quality content.The main users of the site are looking for fashion and cosmetics that they can’t find on Taobao.The success of Mogujie relies on Taobao’s inability to provide services to fashion consumers.Lastly, Chinese women see e-commerce as a fun part of their lifestyle.Now, where do they go to get information before actually buying fashion or cosmetics?Passionate about Digital Marketing, in 2012 he realized his dream : to open an agency to live from his passion.

35% of platform users are in cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

It used to be that men held the wallets and gave their credit card to their wife/girlfriend/mistress(es).

Now, things have changed, girls and young women do it themselves, and they already have deep-rooted habits.

(Crunch base) Founded by Chen Qi, Mogujie focuses on fashion and accessories like bags and beauty products and cosmetics.

It was acquired in 2013 by Alibaba for USD 200 million.

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China has undergone drastic changes in its spending habits these past 10 years.

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