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Who is justin drew bieber dating

However, Selena and The Weeknd are still following each other.

During the 2017 Grammy Awards, the 22-year-old pop star opted to stay home — despite being nominated for four awards, including Album of the Year for Purpose — and answered questions from fans on the social media app, which he recently returned to after a seven-month break. " one Belieber asked the singer, who paused to think before replying, "' Starboy' by The Weeknd." Just when fans thought Bieber was ready to make amends with his fellow Canadian crooner, who is currently dating his ex Selena Gomez, he burst into laughter for nearly 15 seconds. The Weeknd performed a duet with Daft Punk at the Grammys on Sunday night before cozying up to Gomez at an afterparty.

” I have such great music that I want to share with the world. I’ll play a song, and he’ll be like, “Man this reminds me of like...a blacklight sunset,” or something. You said you scrapped this album previously because it didn’t match up with your mindset. I’ve done probably three or four albums that I haven’t released yet. Also, you go through a point where—I don’t know if he’s gotten this or not—but for me I went through a point of doing it for myself and doing everything in the industry for myself and I was unhappy because being able to do stuff for others is the biggest gift of all. The cop supposedly wanted to be famous for arresting celebrities, and someone had heard him say that prior to that.

You’ve worked with a lot of artists; now you’re working with Kanye. I’ve gotten all of these different modes, and try to dive into different ideas, and I finally came up with something that was pretty genius. I was robbing myself by not enjoying the moments where I should’ve been enjoying them and doing stuff for other people. I was trying to trust people and they’d break my heart at 15. There are awesome people who are the lovely, amazing, joyful kind.

With that competitiveness, is it tough for you to stay quiet when you’re recording? I’ll hear songs on the radio, and I’m not really a fan of what’s going on right now in music. Do you think being around people like Floyd Mayweather makes you an easy target? I think he may not do the best job at being humble, but that’s not his job. If I would’ve came into the industry at a young age and never had any failures, people would’ve been like, Who is this kid? Now, I went through my shit, I came out on the other side, and I’m going to show you it gets better. The police, they just wanted press; they wanted attention. Everything that comes out of Miami was “Justin with his dad drag racing.” First of all, my dad wasn’t even with me. You don’t understand—that’s a normal thing for human beings, but I never had that in my life.

I’ll hear it and go, “Ugh, why is this being played so much right now? He doesn’t just come in and say, “This sounds good; this sounds bad.” He’ll be like, “This is this because the world needs this.” He comes from a whole different point of view. I mean, it’s good to see people that are just humble and cool and down-to-earth and chill, but he’s trying to get pay-per-view numbers. When people can just stop being stupid—sorry to say that—but when people can stop reading into it so much and just look at the fact that he’s doing this for entertainment.... I’m in a one-man thing, too, but I have so many people that help me do this. I was doing so many things that I shouldn’t even be on the planet still. The whole time, [Bieber’s manager] Scooter [Braun] always made sure I was safe and made sure situations didn’t escalate. It almost wasn’t good, because I’d be like, any time I wanna do something, Scooter is gonna take care of it. It’s been a cool journey, an awesome learning experience. When you were released from jail, you sat on top of an SUV. He pulled up after because he heard I got pulled over, so he came to see if I was OK. I might have had a beer earlier in the day or something.

I think people have been trying to do it for a while, making dance music, like Usher and all of those people, but I don’t think it’s been done in the right way. When you have that perspective, the way you act changes. Now, being 21, I’m coming into my own and around some pretty cool people who are not afraid to tell me what’s real. They were later seen attending the Zoe Church together.The couple, also nicknamed Jelena, were said to be hanging out at Selena's house last Sunday with Justin staying until midnight.You see a dude who’s successful and he’s doing what he loves and people don’t take too well to that sometimes. I lifted my hands and I was like, “What do you mean, what’s going on? I was just like, Oh they’re trying to get me right now at any cost. A lot of people who have spent a night in jail say it was the worst night of their lives. ” When you’re young especially, you don’t know who’s bullshitting you. Now I’m having real relationships where it’s two ways. I’d probably be the same way if I was in Canada, seeing this kid driving around in all these fancy cars and shit. I’m not going to say I’m sorry for the things that I’ve done because I think that it allows me to tell a story. ” He was like, “I told you, put your hands on the hood! I went in, and I’m telling you that 24 hours sucked. It’s freezing; it’s uncomfortable; there are people in there you just don’t want to be around. I’m gonna make sure that I don’t have people around me who make me look like an idiot. I didn’t understand how that works because the way people would interact with me was always so weird and it was never completely 100 percent genuine.

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When Bieber finally shows up to the interview, draped in throwback Chicago Bulls shorts and speckled Yeezy Boost 350s, the difference between now and three years ago is immediately evident. An hour of him just being like, I don’t know what to do or say. Your girl or your dude, they’re always going to disappoint you. I actually feel better and more free now that I know what I can do and what I can’t do. I’m at a point where I’m not going to hold this in. I’m gonna do this because he’s amazing and not because [I] have to, [but] because [I] want to.” That’s the whole thing with religion that’s been throwing off the people. Like I said before, Christians leave such a bad taste in people’s mouths, even myself. I had these church friends and I was like, you guys are cool, I like you guys, but I’m not going to church.

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